CEPro is always welcome talents and post-doctorial fellows to join us, so that we can remain competitive and plan for
the future.

Alberta Site Rehabilitation Program  and Accelerated Site Closure Program There for you!

Currently opening positions and opportunities in core business and skills relating to:

  • Oilsand SAGD Optimization Performance and Regulatory/Environmental compliance (Alberta SAGD Oilsand development);
  • Alberta SRP and Oil & Gas assets liability management; (Petroleum, chemical and environmental engineering); and
  • Trading and agent in North America for Shenyang Rustingproof Packaging material Co. Ltd. (chemical engineering and marketing/business development.

Opening positions 

Your stewardship for your professionalism, whole-heart clients caring and services spirits will be one of most demanding figures for CEPro’s professional team. CEPro’s experience will make your career foundation firm because it deeply value and respect characters:

  • Entrepreneurial spirits and solid life-long professionalism
  • Excellent presentation skills and strong mindset of personal and corporate branding. Creating an authentic, compelling, “stand-out” , disciplined personal brand is one of the strategies for successful career management. 
  • Highly productive, proactive, agile, disciplined and fast learner
  • Sound knowledges of oil and gas and most relevant industrial sectors
  •  Regulatory jurisdictions of AER (at least Directives 50, 56, 70, 001, 006, 011, 013, 020, DDS etc.) and AEP/WA including criteria

If these have identical performance you prefer, you are much appreciated for sharing your excellence with CEPro by sending your cover letter and resume to:

Attn: Human Resources, email: hr@ceprogroup.com           

Everyone is prepared to face a second wave during the fall flu season, and ready for it before it comes. Our HR and health & safety team well are preparing employee and contractors and consultants to health & safety updates.

Volunteers Opportunities

CEPro Foundations Inc., a Canada’ non-for-Profit Organization, provides volunteer opportunities for youth under the Canada Student Service Grant program. Having sound connections in sensitive positions in major energy and resources issues where hit unprecedently by COVID 19 pandemic, with sustainable developmental goals (SDGs). CEPro is creating a Tutor volunteer position under Canada Student Service Grant. This position will provide opportunities for youth to help those communities or enterprise who are mentally and psychologically impacted to create a recovery plan, and create a communication channel through CEPro Foundations Clients platform. He/She will develop intake procedures such as collect information, make categories of served candidates, and interview the candidates. and then Tutor will create a demanding statistics report based on info collected. This report will be helpful for CEPro Foundations to create a detailed recovery plan for specific community and enterprise. please to check out opportunities.

Reach out to us if you have ideas, suggestions, or simply just want to connect for professional network. Thank you for keeping tuned with CEPro’s perspective and inspiration for post COVID-19 pandemic recovery. 

CEPro executive team will be there for you as always and facilitate your career leadership building as an expert. CEPro also apply the SPE Competency Management Tool (CMT) to assess and assist candidate’s current professional capabilities. When we recruit, we are hiring CEPro’s future partners and leaders. Youth Professional will be mentored, supported and coached throughout their development.

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