Latest Updates for Site Rehabilitation Program (SRP)

The first increment $100 million grant limit has been approach. Second increment – starts on the week of May 21 through June 18.

A Conversation with the Honourable Seamus O’Regan

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On June 22nd, the Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, will join Peter Tertzakian and Jackie Forrest for an hour-long live discussion. Topics include green energy and the oil and gas industry in western Canada and Minister O’Regan’s home province of Newfoundland. You’ll have a chance to provide feedback through polls and to ask your own questions.

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  • 元臣国际律师事务所

  • ULTRecovery Corporation (“ULTR”)

  • 中国海外石油协会 (COPA)  联合主办

Oil & Gas Asset Management with a Drone-Based Platform

Dr. Lian Zhao, P. Eng., President (赵黎安 博士)  CEPro 能源集团,  网站

CEPro能源集团(CEPro)成立于2013年,是一家注册的,合格的,有执照的加拿大石油工程和环境咨询服务公司。 CEPro的专业服务涉及油气资产生命周期的环境与法规咨询以及终生停工报废工程服务,CEPro与加拿大西部各个工业领域和土著集团的客户建立了合作伙伴关系。 CEPro的项目经理和团队成员具有广泛的油气资产生命周期生产绩效和责任管理项目及专业资格。 CEPro全面致力于针对成熟油气资产的集成优化生产恢复和最终关闭以及创造就业机会。CEPro Energy Group (CEPro) , founded in 2013, is a registered, qualified, licensed Canadian-based petroleum engineering and environmental consulting services company. The CEPro’s specialized services are relating to oil and gas asset life-cycle environmental & regulatory consulting and endlife suspension and abandonment engineering services, CEPro has a collaborative partnership with clients in various industrial sectors and indigenous group in western Canada. The project managers (PMs) and team members at CEPro are qualified in the extensive oil and gas assets lifecycle production performance and liability management projects and professional designations. CEPro is fully engaged in integrated optimization for mature oil and gas assets production recovery and endlife closure, and job creation endeavors.


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