Regulatory Management Services

  • LLR Performance Management
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting, permits and approvals
  • Document control & submission
  • Operation Management
  • Reclamation certificates program

Engineering Consulting Services

  • Oil and gas clean tech
  • Wellsite suspension inspection
  • Well abandonment
  • SCVF/GM testing
  • Soil and groundwater Remediation

Industry/Technology Services

  • Industrial waste water
  • Oilfield soil, water and air
  • Underground storage site environmental control and recovery
  • Hydrocarbon site remediation/reclamation
  • Hydrocarbon bearing drilling cuttings and sludge disposal
  • Odorant control
  • VOCx treatment

Marketing Services

  • Domestic and International

Reservoir Engineering Services

  • Build 3D geological models 

  • Undertake pressure transient analysis

  • Perform oil and gas resource evaluations

  • Conduct production performance analysis

  • Perform economic assessments, including risk and uncertainty analysis

  • Prepare and quality reviews reservoir models

  • Design and runs reservoir simulations

  • Create dynamic simulation scenarios

  • Incorporate 3D dynamic simulations

  • Model and simulate thermal and chemical EOR simulations 

  • Work with clients to develop specialized simulators


Specialty Services

  • Training Courses for ESA, RA, EIA and Remediation and Reclamation Certificate Programs