CEPro Energy & Environmental Services Inc.

Regulatory Management Services

  • LLR Performance Management
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting, permits and approvals
  • Document control & submission
  • Reclamation certificates program

Engineering Consulting Services

  • Oil and gas clean tech
  • Wellsite suspension inspection
  • Well abandonment
  • SCVF/GM testing
  • Soil and groundwater Remediation
  • Underground storage site environmental control and recovery
  • Hydrocarbon impacted site remediation/reclamation
  • Hydrocarbon bearing drilling cuttings and sludge disposal

Reservoir Engineering Services

  • Build 3D geological models
  • Practice includes light to heavy crude oil, natural gas, sour gas,condensate, heavy oil and bitumen
  • Undertake pressure transient analysis
  • Perform oil and gas resource evaluations
  • Conduct production performance analysis
  • Perform economic assessments, including risk and uncertainty analysis
  • Prepare and quality reviews reservoir models
  • Design and runs reservoir simulations
  • Create dynamic simulation scenarios
  • Incorporate 3D dynamic simulation
  • Utilize numerical simulators

Model and simulate thermal and chemical EOR simulations

Health and Safety

CEPro implements Health and Safety leadership into the actions and processes we manage. We ensure all of the operations in compliance with the H&S plan and aid in effectively implementing H&S process during the projects; we ensure that all related H&S procedures are carried out consistently and promote accountability with all Parties related to safety functions; we ensure all clients have complete health and safety systems and aid in the scheduling of H&S processes.

CEPro Foundations Inc.

CEPro Foundations Inc. (CFI), a Federal Canadian registered not-for-profit organization, was founded in January 2017. Its principle is to promote the sustainable development of energy and resources and consolidate a qualified workforce with multi-disciplinary expertise from engineering and sciences through industrial practices and training processes. By collaborating with individuals and cooperate affiliates, CFI presents its vision to consultants, policy makers, planners and researchers from non-profit organizations, regulators, and various industrial sectors. The topics of Resources & Energy Sustainable Development Agenda are summarized, but are not limited to, as following aspects:

Social responsibilities

Public, aboriginal, government and government agency consultations

Community engagement and social media promotion  

Job creation, professional competency and authentication

Industrial engagement

Oil and gas, oil sands and mining

Renewable energy and oil and gas clean tech

Integrated optimizations (IOs) and sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Mature oil and gas assets production recovery

Assets liability and its impacts on investment performance

Environmental records and current issues

Strategies serving oil and gas clients towards their SDGs aligning to SDGs Canada 2030 Agenda

Environmental and regulatory management

Resources and energy conservation

Life-cycle environmental management and financial risk mitigation

Environmental management for various industrial sectors

Reclamation challenges in Alberta

International collaboration and prospectus

Canadian environmental and resources management leadership

Facilitate ecosystem management methodology in regional scales, such as policy, database establishment, and data access public availability and application

Youth professional development through engaging internship

Key knowledge bodies and Pro 10 registration domains in Alberta

Environmental legislation and implementation

Lifecycle regulatory management for industrial sectors and network with industrial and academic affiliates

Since 2019, CEPro Foundations Inc. have managed Chinese Oversea Petroleum Association (COPA) Canada

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