Economic, Environmental, Energy and Engineering         


CEPro Energy Group is an engineering consulting service company focused on petroleum asset performance management, oil and gas asset liability management, energy project development and environmental regulatory processes. CEPro has provided extensive consulting and engineering services to a variety of industrial sectors and clients in the oil and gas industry. CEPro owns applied industrial R&D projects related to oilfield and industrial waste water treatments, soil and groundwater remediation cooperating with academic and research organizations both domestically and internationally. Our professional team will provide comprehensive advice to assist you with all your project related needs to ensure it runs in the most effective manner. We are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta; the most powerful oil and gas industry centre in Canada.

CEPro employs well-experienced professional engineers, specialists and scientists, post-doc fellows, graduates interns, and networked environmental field technicians all over western Canada. CEPro’s history and its executive management group have roots in renewable energy project development, environmental and regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting, liability assessment and endlife engineering for oil and gas assets such as suspension inspection, decommission and abandonment, hydrocarbon and heavy metal- production brine water impacted soil and groundwater sites investigations and remediation reclamation. Furthermore, CEPro also provides consulting services related to drilling waste management, pre-site disturbance assessment (PDA) and conservation & reclamation (C&R) plan, environmental impact assessment (EIA), phased environmental site assessment (ESA), regulatory approvals application, permitting, environmental project management, and wellsite construction optimization engineering. Together, we can build extraordinary projects and foster a healthy working environment full of collaborative creativity.